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Coach's Corner

Feb 7, 2024

John Robinson '00 talks about going from a life on the athletic field to founding one of the most respected egaming brands in the world.  He covers winning a national championship with Yale Lacrosse in 2001, his thoughts on modern screen time, and offers Coach Specht a new gig in coaching. 

Jan 11, 2024

Chris Maggio '09 founder of Team Class ( talks about his entrepreneurial career, love of travel, and how lessons from St. X have helped him throughout his life both personally and professionally. A talented founder, an intrepid traveler, and a true man for others who embodies what it means to be open...

Dec 13, 2023

Tim McDonald talks about the genesis, rise, and current state of the Leo H Gerbus '53 Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Nov 15, 2023

Mike Schroeder '02 talks about his new company Future Fans ( and how he's building the solution to a problem he and many parents of young children face - how do I get them interested in watching sports.